Przyimek Przypadek Tłumaczenie
bez (beze) II(G) without
blisko II(G) near
daleko II(G) far
dla II(G) for (the benefit of)
do II(G) to, towards, up to, till, for, at, in
dokoła II(G) (all) around, all about
dookoła II(G) (all) around, all about
dzięki (temu) III(D) due to, thanks to, as a result of
koło II(G) around, near, by, approximately
ku III(D) towards
między V(I) between, among
IV(A) between, among [motion]
mimo II(G) despite, in spite of, past, by
na VI(P) on, at, in [open area]
IV(A) to [motion], for
na kształt II(G) in the shape of
nad (nade) V(I) above, over, on top of
V(I) at [e.g., nad morzem, jeziorem]
IV(A) to [motion], for
naokoło II(G) around, all about
naprzeciw(ko) II(G) opposite (from), across (from)
niedaleko II(G) near
o VI(P) about, concerning, at [time]
IV(A) (up) against, for, about
obok II(G) near(by), beside, alongside
od (ode) II(G) from, since, than
około II(G) around, about
oprócz II(G) besides, apart from, except
po VI(P) along, according to, after [time]
IV(A) (to go) for,1 after [motion]
pod (pode) V(I) under, beneath, below
IV(A) up to [motion], up- (wind, etc.)
podczas II(G) during
ponad IV(A) (over and) beyond
poniżej II(G) below, downstream from
powyżej II(G) above, upstream from
poza V(I) beyond, besides
IV(A) beyond [motion]
prócz II(G) besides, apart from, except
przeciw(ko) III(D) against, in opposition to
przed (przede) V(I) before, in front of
IV(A) in front of [motion]
przez (przeze) IV(A) through, across, during, throughout
przy VI(P) at, near, next to
spod II(G) from near [town]
sponad II(G) from (over and) beyond
spoza II(G) from beyond
sprzed II(G) from in front of
u II(G) at, near
w (we) VI(P) in, at, inside [enclosed area]
IV(A) into, in [motion]
w ciągu II(G) in the course of
w pobliżu II(G) near
w przeciągu II(G) in the course of
wbrew II(G) in spite of, contrary to
według II(G) according to
wewnątrz II(G) inside, within
wobec II(G) in regard to, in view of
wskutek II(G) as the result of, on account of
wszerz II(G) along the width of
wśród II(G) among
wzdłuż II(G) along the length of
z (ze) II(G) from, off, out of, (made) of
V(I) (together) with
IV(A) about [age, value, time, distance]
z powodu II(G) because of, due to
za V(I) behind, beyond
IV(A) for, by, in
IV(A) beyond [motion]
II(G) during (the time of), as far back as
(adv.) too [e.g., za dużo, za mała]
za pomocą II(G) with the help of
zamiast II(G) instead of
zewnątrz II(G) outside
znad II(G) from near [water], from above
zza II(G) from behind
1Po can mean for as in Idę do sklepu po mleko. (I am going to the store for milk.)